All fibre drums

the ecological alternative

all fibre drums
All fibre drums are packaging containers consisting of the one material – kraftliner. Made of a renewable, lightweight raw material that can be fully recycled, they represent an innovative and equally Sustainable alternative to the standard packaging. Without adhesive strips or metal braces, they promise easy and convenient handling. 

Suitable for storing and transporting bulk goods and the most diverse powders and solids, they are available in a range of diameters from 355 to 580 mm and heights from 200 to 900 mm that can fulfil all of your requirements. Drum capacities range from 15 to 230 litres.
  • 1all-fiber_trFiber_StuelpdeckelFibre slip lid
  • 2all-fiber_tr_gewelltem_RandFibre slip lid with corrugated rim
  • 3all-fiber_trPP-deckelStuelpdeckelPP slip lid
  • 4all-fiber_trPP-deckelspannringPP lid with sealed tension ring
  • 5all-fiber_tr_fib-deckelspannringFibre lid with sealed tension ring