Fibre drums

stable, versatile, ecological

Fibre drum with PE lid and tension closureWhether for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, agricultural agents, metalworking resources, or dyes, fibre drums are ideal for a sheer unlimited range of applications.

Fibre drums are an eco friendly alternative to metal or plastic barrels, their materials can be recycled, and their low weights cut transport costs.

The drums can withstand extreme loads, they are easy to stack, store, and transport, and they retain their shape.

The body of the drum is made up of multiple plies of parallel or spiral wound kraft paper with a robust binding between the drum body and bottom for reliable protection from rough handling.

Fibre drum with fibre lid and tension closureYou can choose from a range of lids and bottoms that are best suited to your needs. The closing mechanism takes the form of a sealable tension ring with external lever lock.

A great many options are available on request: composite materials on the outside or inside (polyethylene, aluminium, silicone, etc.), carrying handles, PE liner bags, or customised paintwork, labelling, or printing.

TFT fibre drums have been approved by the German Safety Inspectorate TÜV and in accordance with most of the UN recommendations.