Wire and cable drums – Internal core

The internal core of DKF Solid and DKF Eco consists of multiple spiral wound plies of glued kraft paper and/or tube cardboard. Moisture and grease repellent coatings are possible as options. The core is glued or clipped to the shipping tube bottom. On request, it can also be delivered in unbonded form. All of our internal cores feature a punched hole for the end of the wire. The diameters of the internal core depend on the outer cylinders and are as follows:

Various designs

  • 1_DKF_Ausfuehr_einfachsimple type
  • 2_DKF_Ausfuehr_Doppelausstanzungwith double slots for the metal rod that the rubber pull cord connects to the bottom
  • 3_DKF_Ausfuehr_Kopfboerdelungwith top crimping for greater stability and a smoother wire run
  • 4_DKF_Ausfuehr_Metallverstaerkt_verzinktes_Stahlblechwith top metal reinforcement in the form of a beaded top band of galvanised steel sheet
  • 5_DKF_Ausfuehr_eingeleimter_Papprundlingwith glued-in round cardboard panel for greater stability and as a compartment for silica gel