Tubes – Applications

Depending on customer requirements, designs are manufactured to individual requirements from our tube portfolio. Talk to us – we will find the right solution!

  • Huelse_BaurohreConstruction tubes: For cladding supports and columns in the building industry.
  • Huelse_Regal_DisplayShelf or display tubes
  • Huelse_Regal_Display2Shelf or display tubes
  • Huelse_SchutzhuelseProtective tubes: For encasing high-quality component parts with sensitive surfaces. Also available slotted.
  • Huelse_SprengstoffhuelsenTubes for explosives: Explosive cartridges for detonation in deep drilled core holes.
  • Huelse_TeleskophuelseTelescopic tubes


Tubes can be individually further processed in many different ways, as required. The following types are possible:

  • Huelse_Fraesen_StanzenMilling/punching
  • Huelse_HuelsenringRings
  • Huelse_TeilenSplitting (quarter, half and three-quarter shells)
  • Huelse_WinkelschnittAngle cutting