Wire and cable drums

For wire and cable professionals

For many years, TFT GmbH has been manufacturing containers for the wire and cable industry that we tailor to the specific requirement profiles of our customers. Our drums are suitable for the transport and storage of the most diverse round wires and cables as they are used in welding, electrical systems, machinery, motor vehicles, and many other industrial sectors.

Draht- und KabelfässerThe DKF (Draht- und Kabelfass/wire and cable drum) Solid and DKF Eco versions of our wire and cable drums are manufactured with the parallel or spiral winding method that combines multiple plies of high quality kraft paper. They are easy to stack, store, and transport and also protect their contents against mechanical damage and weathering. Unlike plastic drums, our drums allow diffusion, preventing the formation of condensate and hence corrosion on the coiled wire.

The internal core of this packaging, when fitted, is generally bonded to the drum and delivered in a form ideal for its specific application. On request, it can also be delivered in unbonded form. The customer can then install this whenever it is needed.

You can choose from a range of lids and bottoms that are best suited to your needs. In addition,
our portfolio also includes various handles.

wire and cable drumA great many options are available on request: composite materials on the outside or inside (polyethylene, aluminium, silicone, etc.), PE liner bags, and various carrying handles. And we can customise your drums with individual paintwork, labelling, or printed motifs.