Wire and cable drums – Handles

We offer various grip holes and attached handles for a wide range of loads.

  • 05DKF_Griff_Drahthenkel_einfachsimple wire handle
  • 01DKF_leichter_Fallgrifflightweight handles without counterplate
  • 06DKF_Griff_Hebegurt_Polyestercarrying straps of polyester fabric in a range of lengths
  • 02DKF_Fallgriff_verschweithandles welded to tension ring
  • 07DKF_Griffausstanzung_seitlichgrip holes on the sides
  • 04DKF_schwerer_Fallgriff_demontierbartwo-part heavy handles
  • 03DKF_schwerer_FallgriffGegenplatteheavy short or long handles with normal or extra large counterplate