Edge protectors

The L-shaped profiles can be combined with various symmetrical and asymmetrical leg lengths and wall thicknesses. Even round products can be optimally protected by roll edge protectors.

Technical data:  
a, b leg lengths 25 mm to 150 mm 
c wall thickness 2,5 mm to 10 mm
d length 40 mm to 6000 mm 

edge protectors
The protectors can be made self-adhesive by applying double-sided sticky tape inside or outside or by providing a hot-melt bead. Thick wall thicknesses offer special protection for sensitive goods, while cutouts ensure that the edge protectors adapt to fit nearly all packed goods.


  • Kantenschutzwinkel_AusstanzungenWith cutouts
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_HotmeltHot-melt-coated
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_KlebestreifWith adhesive strips
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_hohe_WandstaerkeWith extra-thick wall thicknesses

Possible uses

  • Kantenschutzwinkel_Grafik_BandenschutzBand protectors: To prevent pressure point.
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_Grafik_EckenCorner edge protectors: To prevent damage to and deformation of corners and edges from impact and to increase the stability and stackability of packaged goods.
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_Grafik_Innen-EckverstInside corner reinforcement
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_Grafik_RollenkantenRoll edge protectors: To protect round, oval or irregular edges.
  • Kantenschutzwinkel_Grafik_SchutzkantenProtective edges: To prevent damage and deformation during strapping and to secure goods being loaded against slipping.